Brochure (in Spanish)
Presentation of the project (¡New!) (in Spanish)

Little Brochure (in Spanish)

Videos that appear in the presentation:

1. Controls (17MB)

2. Hook swing (9MB)

3. Exercises with obstacles (48MB)

4. Safety (10MB)

5. Maneuvering with other worker’s assistance (17MB)

6. Dynamic behaviour (20MB)


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Tower Crane Simulator

The Tower Crane Training System consists of two modules, which are integrated within the main application; on the one hand, the training contents presented as a slideshow of the theoretical course; on the other hand, the Building site Virtual E·nvironment, in which the Tower Crane Simulator is integrated, with practical exercises.

A user-friendly 3D graphical user interface allows an easy and intuitive navigation of the Tower Crane Training System application, and facilitates the integration of the theoretical and the Virtual Reality partial modules.

All these features turn the Tower Crane Training System into a complete and valuable tool for Tower Crane Operador training.