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IDEAFIX is a new group created because of the research of some professors of the Institute in the XML and Web Services fields. This group has been studying some of the most important XML languages and creating applications which utilize the newest technologies in that filed. Right now this group is focused on XBRL, EDXL an emergency management language, and the newest languages of the Semantic Web.

Investigation guidelines


eXtensible Business Reporting Language is a specific XML-derived language that satisfies the needs derived from the elaboration of reports related to countable and administrative information in a wide sense. With these ideas in mind, in 1998, Charles Hoffman, a countable analyst expert on automatic financial systems, suggested that XML be used, which had been recently specified, for describing these reports. His first result was XFRML (Extensible Financial Reporting Markup Language) which not only confirmed the feasibility of the idea, but it was also generalized to XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)


EDXL stands for "Emergency Data eXchange Language". It is a new XML-based language which creates a standard framework integrating most used message formats in emergency management. Its goals are to reach maximum interoperability between different emergency agencies, and better performance in emergency management in various ways. It defines a standard set of messages which are aimed to emergency responders, federal, local and tribal governments and law enforcements. It specifies xml messages to be used in alert messages distribution, preparedness, resource management and geographic information sharing.


Under construction.


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Validadores XBRL: Comparativa (versión 1.0) 

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Una forma sencilla de generar multas utizando XML como base

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